About us

Why Choose Speedy Yogi?

Speedy Yogi is an established provider of IT services and computer repair in the Greater Washington, DC area that covers both business and residential needs. Supported by a flexible fleet, we deliver our services to you upon call and send professionals to inspect your computer and networking problems.

If needs be, we do our repair jobs in home so you can use the computer again immediately. Based on your explanation about the issues, we prepare ourselves with the right equipment, software, and hardware to get the job done quickly. We will come to you to make your computers/laptops in working order, or you can come to us and have your computers fixed by experienced specialists.

While looking for a Computer Repair Service company across DC, Northern Virginia (VA) and Maryland (MD), please try Speedy Yogi’s exceptional services that offer a reliable and quick computer fix at your home or business.

The Speedy Yogi Guarantee

We aim to provide prompt and efficient service at a reasonable price. As such, we won’t charge for visits when the service is under our warranty and the computer’s issue has not been resolved. Our warranty is 90 days on maintenance and repair services.


Mailing Address

6869 Springfield Blvd Suite 105
Springfield, VA 22150